Transitioning Clients to Class Super (data migration)

Once you have access to your Class Super 'Business' you will be able to transition existing SMSF accounting records onto Class.

Before attempting any transitions of client data, it is essential you complete the following:

  1. Read the key article: 8 steps to get your Class 'Business' up and running
  2. Complete the online training modules - especially Module 1 and Module 6
  3. Review the Class User Guide section on Transitions.

For most users, we recommend that the Class Transitions Management System (TMS) is used to migrate data from an existing program such as BGL, BGL360, Supermate, Desktop Super or MYOB Superfund (Supervisor II).

You can login to Class's TMS using your Class login credentials.


Paid transitions:

Superfund Wholesale is able to assist with transitions of existing client accounts data onto Class for a fee.  

  • Manual transitions - $330
  • BGL transitions - $165
  • Other software - P.O.A.

Please note that the Superfund Wholesale paid transition service provides a lot more than just a pure data transition.  We also review the accuracy of imported data against the prior year audited financial accounts and assist in regards to activating all applicable data feeds (you still need to liaise with your clients however).

To submit a fund for transition please use the following form:

SMSF Transfer


First free transition for SMSF Business Incubator clients:

As part of our service, Superfund Wholesale may choose to transition one existing SMSF onto Class Super for free.  The idea of this is to provide you with the ability to work on a 'live' client on Class Super.

Whether the first transition is provided at no cost is entirely at our discretion and will not apply if you only have a single SMSF to transfer to Class.  We can only show you the path - it is you who must walk it.

Superfund Wholesale may also choose to provide you with a copy of the relevant Excel Fund Loader as a reference.

Superfund Wholesale will not provide a live demo of how to transition an existing SMSF onto Class Super as this is adequately covered in Module 6 - New Funds on Class.  

If you require additional support to transition client files onto Class, we can provide this however it will count towards your available support minutes.

To submit a fund for transition please use the following form:

SMSF Transfer

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