How we calculate monthly licence fees

We charge the following annualised fees:

  • SMSFs - $380 inc. GST per annum ($1.0411 inc. GST per day)
  • Portfolios - $300 inc. GST per annum ($0.8219 inc. GST per day)

Fees are incurred for funds / portfolios that have an 'Active' status.  You can determine the status of a fund on the Browse Fund screen in Class.

Where you have 25 or more SMSFs or Portfolios the annualised fee for ALL funds reduces to $320 inc. GST per annum.

This means you will never pay SMSF Incubator more than if you paid Class directly.

Calculation of monthly Class Super licence fees

Fees are calculated for the month based on the number of days between when the fund was activated and the end of the month.


ABC Superannuation Fund was activated on Class on the 15/01/2016.

The fund was active for 16 days during the month of January (15/01/2016 to 31/01/2016).

The licence fee is calculated as 16 x $1.0411 = $16.66

If the same business also had two other funds active for the entire month of January, the fees would be calculated as:

  • Fund #1 - 31 days x $1.0411 = $32.27
  • Fund #2 - 31 days x $1.0411 = $32.27
  • Fund #3 - 16 days x $1.0411 = $16.66
  • Total Class Licence Fees        $81.20 inc. GST


Locating the fund activation date:

To locate when a fund was activated on Class, browse to Fund > Fund Details as shown below:

Activation of a fund occurs when an existing SMSF is uploaded onto Class using the Fund Uploader spreadsheet - i.e. it becomes instantly active and you begin to incur licence fees immediately.

By comparison when you use the New fund or New Fund Wizard functions (under the Business menu via the Browse Funds screen) the fund does not become active until you trigger the activation as part of the new fund set up process.  

We recommend the New Fund Wizard for all new SMSFs where you don't have to load opening balances from the prior year. If you attempting to minimise the cost of licence fees, do not activate until you are ready to commence working on the fund.


Suspending / re-activating funds in Class

If you are no longer going to be working with a specific SMSF client, you are able to suspend their fund in Class to avoid incurring unnecessary licence fees. To suspend an active fund click Edit in the Fund Details screen and then click Suspend.

You will receive this message:

A 'Class Administrator' is someone who works for Class.  If you want to re-activate a suspended fund in Class, you need to submit a support ticket to us and we will liaise with Class to have the fund re-activated.

When you re-active a fund, you will have to pay licence fees from the date the fund was suspended through to the date it is re-activated. 

This is to prevent users from selectively suspending and re-activating their funds in an attempt to avoid licence fees. 


Our process of calculating your licence fees: 

Each month Class Super provides us with a detailed breakdown of every active fund / portfolio attached to our licence.  

From this data we extract the number of active days for the funds belonging to your business and apply the applicable daily rates above to calculate your licence fee.

The amounts are then exported in bulk to Xero and your invoice is created and the direct debit of your licence fees is scheduled.  This process is very robust and there is no ability to manually override the calculation of your licence fees - both at our level and also at Class' level.


At this stage we do not have the ability to provide you with a detailed breakdown of your licence fees on a per-fund basis.  You have the ability to calculate the expected licence fees via the formula above and the information contained within Class.

However if you believe there is a discrepancy between the licence fees we generate, and what you calculate (rounding errors aside), please submit a support ticket and we will investigate it as a priority as the integrity of our billing system is paramount.

Credit Card surcharges:

For payments via Credit Card, the following surcharges apply:
  • Visa & Mastercard - 1.42% + GST (1.56%)
  • Amex - 1.75% + GST (1.925%)
There is no surcharge for payments made via Direct Debit from your nominated bank account.
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