SMSF Incubator - Service Standards

As part of relationship with Class Super and with the provision of the SMSF Incubator service, we provide certain limited support services to users.

Our key service levels we endeavour to adhere to are as follows:

  • Initial registration: It typically takes up to 3 business days for your registration to become active with Class Super. This is beyond our control. It can take an additional 2 days for us to provide you with your Class login details.
  • Support emails: We aim to respond to all support queries lodged through within 3 business days. We cannot guarantee that any emails sent directly to a member of the SMSF Incubator team will be answered within that service period. 
  • Support phone calls: We are currently unable to answer support queries via phone.  All support matters raised MUST be lodged via  It will be at the discretion of our team whether it is appropriate or not for us to call you to resolve a particular support enquiry.
  • Transitions of SMSFs to Class: Transitioning data from an existing SMSF onto Class Super can be impacted via a number of factors including: Source data (i.e. BGL versus manual), size of SMSF including number of accounts and historical transactions, completeness of data provided to Superfund Wholesale and turnaround times of the Class Super data transition team. Our service level for Class transitions is 10 business days (two weeks).

Please also note that we provide a maximum of 30 minutes of support per SMSF active on Class (per financial year) i.e. if you have 5 SMSFs you will be entitled to 2.5 hours support for the financial year.  

Unused support time does not carry over to a new financial year and in many cases support enquiries will be referred to the relevant section in Class' comprehensive help guide or relevant online training module.


First free transition for SMSF Incubator clients:

As part of our service, we may choose to transition one existing SMSF onto Class Super for free.  The idea of this is to provide you with the ability to work on a 'live' client on Class Super.

We may also choose to provide you with a copy of the relevant Excel Fund Loader as a reference.

We will not provide a live demo of how to transition an existing SMSF onto Class Super as this is adequately covered in Module 6 - New Funds on Class.  

If you require additional support to transition client files onto Class, we can provide this however it will count towards your available support minutes.

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